Tanya Sanitarova

Child Care Attendant

Tanya is a Child Care Attendant at Lighthouse Counseling and Family Resource Center. Prior to her position at Lighthouse she had experience working with children of different ages. Since Tanya is the oldest of six children in her family, she is helping her mom raise her siblings. Though for four years, in Sunday school, she was a Teacher’s Assistant and recently Tanya has been promoted to a teaching position. Tanya is also a college student and is majoring in Pre-Med Biology to pursue her dream of becoming a Physician in the future. Also, after finishing a CTE program, she is a Certified Nurse Assistant with CPR and First Aid certifications. In her spare time, Tanya loves to read classic literature, listen to country music, and dance a variety of dances. But most of all she loves to hike and capture nature’s scenery through photography.